Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want: Mulberry Alexa Oversize

Like Aegea said, Alexa is a mix between a Kelly and a Miumiu's butterfly bag, more casual more street.

Will summarize info from TPF here:
it's slouchy, unlike the Baywaters

it does not have lining in suede

IRL size is smaller than stated (NAP's sizing is probably more accurate)
Actual OS size by tPF
W: 37 cm
H: 31 cm
D: 12,5 cm
Actual Regular size by tPF
W31cm D15cm H20cm & Handle drop 5cm as realistic size.

it does not have the expensive bag look
the shoulder straps are likely to be too long, but can find to put more holes
oversize's handle is longer than regular size, and apparently is better suited for some
holding by handle will lose shape
the leather is thin, thus light
Texture The leather is quite grainy and smooshy in bits, not consistent all over but I really like it and it's unique. (close up pic #218)

(From Jenova of tPF: Wolfram kindly punched 5 extra holes in my strap for me without charging (they are definitely required). I said that there had been mixed reviews of Alexa and asked him what he thought of the bag. He admired the styling but did use the terms 'slightly plasticy' with reference to the surface shine. When I asked him whether he thought that the leather was of cheap quality he said definitely not. His immediate and unprovoked reaction was that it would age well and become much nicer (and that is top praise from Wolfram). I agree and think that the back of my bag is already buffing up to a nice sheen from rubbing against my body.)

the long strap pulls the side panels up through the short straps quite a lot; some feel it is not really suited for cross body messenger carrying style

side strap might come undone for some while using

because of the type of the leather, the bag will change shape

UK tPF feel overpricing 700pound-20%-10% pricetag fits the value

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