Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haul: Maybelline & Nars

Recent Haul: Maybelline’s Asian collection finally reached US! I picked these up when Walgreen was having a Buy One get Half Off sale on the brand.

Ok, the series is called Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow. The actual quality is probably superior to what they had before, but really, merely comparable to other Japanese drugstore brands such as Kate or MJ.

This is 80 Pink Persuasion: the pink, grey combination is very generic in the Japanese makeup collections


05 Sunset Seduction, I spend a looong time in front of the shelf trying to figure out which other palette I want to get. Finally decided on this one because the beautiful peach/grey taupe combination


Also picked up two lipsticks, despite of my goal of only purchasing NYX lippies. And as it turns out, I should have kept my urges on these!

Mauved did not work on me as I’ve hoped, it turns out to be some what purple-ish on me. The Beautiful Brown I like, but both lippies contain too much frost and are too shiny.




Swatch of Sunset Seduction, I think it goes very well with Beautiful Brown, and the entire palette works amazing together creating this soft, brown eye look but with just enough brightness from the peach color.



Swatch of Pink Persuation, the grey was lovely, and that was it. The pink has too much loose glitter and very generic, the black is not dark enough or pressed enough for my liking.



Nars 9947 palette from TJ Maxx and Essie’s nail polishes at one dollar each.  I luv TJ Maxx


Swatch of Nars 9947. I wasn’t much of a fan of Nars eye makeup after my last purchase of the Mini Night Series/ I found the eye shadow colors unappealing, the quality very loose and light at the same time, and the price tag too high.

At 29.99 per, and with this collection, I was pleasantly surprised by all of its qualities. Now I can understand why Nars eyeshadows are considered very complex. But still there is one complain, unlike Japanese marquees where the colors in the same palette go well together; one really have to use other sources with each individual colors in this palette. Perhaps this is the difference in the design of a product  between the Asian and Nars brand.



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