Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Thoughts at 6am

We watched Julie and Julia on the way back from China on airplane.  It really inspired me and my hubby.

There was a line where Julie said I can blog, I have thoughts. That is exactly how my hubby felt so he is going to start doing voice blogging and improve their GAP podcast.

As for me I wanted the Julia Child cook book and try some of the receipts but they were out of stock at the bookstore. You know I haven’t been trying to find a specific book at the bookstore for so long that when I did it was an annoying process. Amazon is so much easier: you don’t have to remember the author name, you don’t have to know which category the book is under (like I though , you don’t have to try to read row of book titles and try to find tiny printed author names.  So I am convinced the way we purchase books at the bookstore is obsolete; however bookstores are really seller of environment, the environment of the smell of coffee mixed with shelves of book around you that make you feel educated, or homey or something.

Now with the layoff happening the Julie and Julia movie inspired me a little to set goals. Don’t get me wrong I always had goals, but as time passes sometimes you just loose track of your important goals like what you going to do with your life, or ignore the little ones like clean your room or organize your makeup stash.

I think I was too comfortable where I was, in our lovely apartment, the life arrangement, the daily tasks, the amount of time I spend on huaren or reading romance novels or watch ppstream.

When I was a student, the biggest thing I worry is where to find a job in a market that don’t have foreign internationals.  I cannot describe the jealousy and the downess when my classmates have tons of opportunities and I had only a couple. How naively I thought finding a job will be the biggest challenge of my life! When I have a job I’ll have income and don’t have to live off of anyone, when I have a job I can get married without worrying people accusing me marrying just for greencard, when I have a job everything will be fine and it’s going to be happily ever after.

But no, with job comes other headaches and worries like how to develop your career and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years; with life comes other responsibilities and plans like when to have children, when to purchase a house.

Life is not simple, and I am growing up.

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