Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Thoughts at 3am

I know it’s 6am right now and will probably be 8am when I post this, but I did woke up at 3am and had bunch of thoughts.

The reason I’ve been slacking from blogging about my China trip and some of the goodies purchased at duty-free shop is because of my layoff.

There, I said it, not on face book or my msn blog where my friends can see but on the anonymous internet. Why is it easier and feels more honest when I am writing for … no one? In a place where no one knows my true identity?

Granted I was a bit crashed at first, especially with my heads all congested and my glasses were giving me the usual lack-of-confidence. I even cried a little when I told our business unit secretary right afterwards. But now when I am getting so much less congestion and coughing, and lots of talks with my family and close friends, and after much thinking -  I don’t feel so bad.

Thinking the ways the systems (and business units) are consolidating, the near future prospects in the manufacturing industry, especially how my business unit is doing - the decision is logical.

And frankly it is a good decision for me as well to get out of this little town, move to a less manufacturing focus city, so the jobs are less affected by the economy, so we are closer to the gaming community. 

It is strange though, how I sort of felt it coming. I have really good “woman’s sense”. I mean really, my 6th sense is amazing, I usually detect emotions before people even realize they have it.  It was slightly strange the way my boss acted before my China trip, but then I was too happy to go back home to care.  It was slightly strange the way my boss acted after I came back, then I was sick to the “head” but still tried really hard to do my home even when my head is numb every 5 min.

And it was rather annoying the timing that it happened: I just got back from a three week vacation, I brought back candies and souvenirs and fake Coach bags for them, I was super sick yet worked 10 hour days to make sure month-end was done right ( and it was considering all the transfers that were going on, hell yeah). 

… that’s it for now, I had more thoughts but they are gone.

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