Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recent Haul 12/09

Here are various items I purchased from various places: TJ Maxx, Walmart, Duty-Free shop, Mitsuwa


Shiseido Bio-Performance Essence 24.99 from TJ – a great deal! the texture is clear and gel like, not too greasy, kind of like Clinique’s Total Turn Around.



So I read from ABS’s blog that Max Factor is going to be discontinued in U.S. end of this year. When I tried to buy some MF mascara as safety stock when I came back from my trip, they were all out >< Therefore I purchased this mineral powder for $5



Purchased this for heat protection, my old bottle Nuxx ran out. Great idea, it really protected my hair during those glamour shots.


Only haul from the Black Friday sale – a Garmin GPS, I tried my best to do some research on GPS but in truth I cannot figure out how Garmin’s different from Tomtom and how Garmin series are different. In the end I purchased a cheap one, all I need is it speaks road names.

Howl’s Moving Castle (the movie) is probably one of my favorite anime film, somehow I have strange strange fascination with that the world.  The novel is different yet the same compare to the movie.



Very ancient looking wooden comb from China that holds mysterious healing powder for your hair.




I thought this is a pretty good deal, $25 for a set of Asience Shampoo/Conditioner/possibly mask set.  Heard from somewhere the white ones are better than red ones, so….


Facial cotton pads – haven’t use it yet, by the looks of it it is very similar to Shiseido ones


Facial mask from my fav Japanese skincare brand


The very famous Nutritious collection from Estee Lauder, Asia-Exclusive.  I think it is probably too rich for me but I’ve heard so much about it on huaren that I cannot forgo the opportunity to purchase this value set.



Some makeup: they only had Shiseido brands at the duty-free shops so I went a little crazy on MQ products. MQ 09 Summer Foundation Lasting Powdery Foundation UV in PO-01, Eye Shadow in VI367, MQ Face Creator in 11, Guerlain LE #407 Bal de Minut(sp?)




checkout swatches from Yuki

I was at the counter and fell in love with Guerlain eyeshadow the moment I touched it. The texture was sooo silky, unbelievable smooth! Years ago I had some Kiss Kiss lipsticks from Guerlain and they were crap, so that affected my impression of the brand. Now I am glad I’ve re-discovered this brand like I did with Dior. (And Guerlain’s eyeshadow texture definitely beat Dior’s)

The sales obasan told me this is the last one in the store so of course I have to buy it ><



Closer look at the MQ eyeshadow, overall the texture disappoints me but I figured as long I had the chance I should really try out MQ.


In case you are interested in duty-free shop prices, here’s the list. Use Google as your currency exchange calculator.

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