Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jdrama/ Chinese Drama

Unfortunately my little Cinderella wasn’t at home this weekend, so I spend all of my weekend doing laundry, cleaning, washing dishes, disciplining rates….while watching lots and lots of Asian drama.

Gem of Life

HK Drama about three sisters of a diamond jeweler, with some of my favorite TVB actors/actresses. The show is about 80 episode and I watched till about 23, it’s alright but no way as classic as “The Greed of Man 大时代”. I guess the main issue is I don’t like any of the sisters, the oldest one is miss know-it-all, the second one is too miss pretend-innocent, the third one is too psycho.

Please, my fair lady -> title translated by me

KDrama with my favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye. I know of Yoon Eun Hye since her days in Baby Vox then she became wildly popular in Kdrama “GOONG” as a common girl who married the royal prince of South Korea (it’s all make-believe, S.K doesn’t have a royal family). Then I loved loved her performance in The Man in the Grapeyard, which is one of the best Kdrama ever!

Now she plays an heiress who (eventually) falls for a poor debt-heavy guy. Really love her clothes in this drama but the storyline is too simple-minded and there hasn’t been any chemistry between the two leads.

Another issue I have with this drama is the male lead is too old! I don’t mind-older looking male leads, in fact I welcome it because the Asian male idol these days are just white, skinny, weakly looking boys with girlish bangs. But I do have a problem is the character is supposed to be immature and boy-ish but with wrinkles on his face!

but i love her clothes in this show!

Easy Fortune Happy Life

It’s about this Chinese Medicine girl with the personality of an Angle and a rich guy with the personality of a devil. The devil wants the girl just because his grandfather gave the inheritance right to her, the girl wants the boy just because he is the male leads..? Again no chemistry between the leads, the storyline is boring as heck. The support characters are much more interesting.

Ladies of Shogun

Jdrama about the wives/servants/housekeepers of Shogun families. Beautiful ladies in gorgeous kimonos and elaborate hairdos, love/intrigue/struggle for power in the castle of Shogun of 1000 ladies, how can I not love this series? But still it remains to be the only non-Chinese history-related drama I can watch. I tried watching the annual grand production of Japanese drama, I tried watching Queen whoever the first ever Korean Queen in history but it’s just so boring to me. My mere knowledge in Chinese history is the only thing that kept me going watching Chinese history dramas I guess.

(poster pic from wiki, my fair lady screen shots by me, rest are from Kdrama forum or the web)

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