Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Stash

A new topic at Huaren was to discuss and compare Kanebo brand eye palettes, the most current discussion is on Purple Variations and with a bit of Lunasol’s 09 Collection thrown in there.

So I took some pictures of my stack while rearrange my little makeup train: I have much much less palettes than I originally thought. It’s practically nothing compare to (basically) any online blogger’s stash. Here are my purple variations: my favorite is Coffret D’or 3D, the one I can’t use is Mac X-mas edition from some year, Kate Gradation surprised me the most with its convenience to use.

I thought I had more and kept telling myself I should get anymore purple palettes, but as it turns out there are only a couple. Though purple is one of my favorite eye shadow color, maybe unconsciously I can’t distinguish between one purple palette from another, and the few that I have seemed like more.

Brown/Beige/Pink variation palettes are what I have the most. Surprisingly because I never really liked those color combination, they are a bit boring for me. But then again I had a revelation at the beginning of the year that brown or grey palettes are the most easy to use, so I might have unconsciously gathered these colors throughout the year.

Arrggg this is what I hate the most, spending money without realizing where it is spend. It is probably a good practice to record what I have purchased and how I have used these products.
I also reorganized my eyeshadow train for some new palettes, one of my goals is to keep all the eye shadow I’ve purchased in one single standard size train, swap or sell any old ones that I don’t use anymore.