Thursday, January 17, 2013

Empties May 2011

Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover
It’s pretty good but slightly oily, I prefer Lancome’s one better, but this one is cheap.
Kracie’s Moistage lotion and toner $10 for a set
It’s one of Kanebo’s drugstore brand, fairly cheap but good at its purpose, which is to tone and moisturize.
I use these as a base for any NYR cream, since NYR cream only locks in moisture.
Shiseido’s White Lucent emulsion
I used the whole set except for the essence (too expensive!), work fairly well to brighten one’s whole face. Rather expensive though.
Medium smell of alcohol and slightly too oily for my taste again. Wouldn’t repurchase
Lancome Genifique essence
It’s a three star because I purchased it with 20% and got lots and lots of deluxe size sample with it. Otherwise it’s like ANR, light, watery, can’t really feel its effects. Basic anti-aging essence level stuff.
NYR Frankincense hydrating cream really I need no more comments on NYR, it’s my absolute favorite brand and one of these days I’m going to do a full review on all the creams I’ve tried.
Ecotools body wash I wasn’t big on these natural or organic skincare until couple years ago. And I’ve finally realized how much better these products are! They don’t leave that stinky feeling, feels gentle on my skin, and fairly cheap. I do hope organic trend is the norm for our society in the future.
NYR Vitamin E & Avocado Cream When I love a NYR product I really love it, when I hate one I really hate one. This one falls somewhere in between.
It’s a bit too heavy and the organic content is low like around 30%. Physical property of the skincare is very important for me, I absolutely detest anything that’s heavy, gel-like, glue-like for oil skin.
ELF lip gloass good color, smell, texture. everything about it is perfect. will repurchase. ELF brand had beat NYX to be my favorite cheap brand of makeup. Since ELF tend to copy other more well known brands, and NYX is more like MAC, which don’t say much about most of its color collection. ELF blush, which I’ll never have an empty for, is divine! Great color, gorgeous shimmers that beats Nars, and a certain depth to its look than other NARS knock-offs like NYX or La Femme.
Sephora face primer I ‘ve decided that silicone based face primers are not for me, since I tried most of the famous ones other there. They just don’t last long enough, don’t go well with a lot of the moisturizers, and more importantly, does nothing to prolong the time of the foundation/powder! What it does is to fill little holes, but really, I can achieve that effect with foundations and/or moisturizers already!
Lancome Genefique eye cream Light and does nothing. Good thing I didn’t pay for it.
Kiehl’s answer to NYR too heavy for my liking.
Clear Care contact solution good for deep cleaning of contacts.

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