Sunday, October 31, 2010

山寨美容仪器 I

最近美容仪器还挺红的,从导入器,洗脸的,光疗的,喷雾的,去黑头的。。。都有。 本人小农,没钱买正版就买了几个山寨的。
EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE emits the appropriate wavelength at optimal power intensity to address mild to moderate inflammatory Acne as well as occasional breakouts. Unlike most topical treatments, EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE delivers medical grade performance with no irritation or side effects. With consistent use, you will begin to see a clearer, flawless, more radiant complexion. Long term benefits are cumulative over time. EVIS MD PLATINUM BLUE treatments are completely safe, easy and effective with no side effects. EVIS MD PLATINUME BLUE is non-thermal, non-ablative, non-invasive and requires no down time. Treatments are both corrective and preventative. BLUE treatments are completely safe, easy and effective with no side effects.
Begin your treatment on clean, dry skin. The device will beep every 3 minutes to help time the treatment. It automatically shuts off after 6 minutes and may immediately be switched on to continue treatment if desired. We recommend a minimum of one treatment (18 minutes for Blue) per week for 8 weeks. You may safely increase treatments to as often as desired. To achieve the full potential and cumulative effect, after the initial 8 week period, it is recommended that you continue treatments as des
用法说法和一般市面上的蓝灯是一样,照照就把引发痘痘的细菌杀掉了。 我自己的心得呢是对一些不是太深的痘痘有效,对一些细菌有效。但是慢~~~ 个人比较喜欢用comfrey把痘痘激发出来再挤干净的暴力手法。这个灯太温和+慢了点。 和正品有啥不同,我、想就是手感和手把那里会变热吧。300块的baby quasar应该不会变热的那么块。至于灯的部分嘛,都是一样wavelength (颜色)的LED灯。 EDS上还有人自己找工程师做个custom made therapy tool呢。
由于这个东西没啥好说的,我就录了一段video. 第一次录没经验,原本以为相机上的video standard setting就够了,结果放到电脑上看才看出来很不清楚。 大家笔下留情。

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