Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Search for Travel Containers

Sigh...I am not a person who have alot of sample size stuff, or extra sets of skin care, so it is alot of headaches when it comes to traveling time. For alot of huaren girls they can just grab whatever extra samples in little pockets or GWP size set, but for me I have think about how to arrange my travel set. I also hate to change my routine during traveling as well since I get very cranky.

Therefore I am making a list of skincare stuff I need to bring, and the type of containers I'll need for 3 weeks of traveling.
(OK) ok
(?) not sure what to bring
(!) need to go buy

Shiseido white lucent foam wash - deluxe sample size (OK)
Shiseido White Lucent softener - either full size or deluxe sample size (OK)
Eye Cream - Max beewax one it's small enough and oily enough (OK)
Facial Essence: skip
Day Cream- Hada*Ka Day Cream spf 50? It is small enough but was giving me breakouts but maybe it is okay in winter. Still it might not be moisturizing enough.

Kracie Makeup removing foam wash - sorta big but it's my HG makeup removing facial wash (OK)
Shiseido White Lucent softner (OK)
EL ANR have deluxe sample size containers to put them in (OK)
EL ANR for eye do I need to bring this on top of Mac's beewax eyecream (?)
NYR comfrey cream for night cream but it's big and heavy, also contains essential oil so I can't just put it in a clear white plastic container (?)

Korres body lotion sample size (OK)
Kiehl's hand lotion big and bulky but maybe I can finally finish it off (?)
Contact solution and cases need to buy travel size (!)
guess won't be doing my nails (OK)
acne poping devices (OK)
lot of Shiseido cotton pads (OK)
a spray bottle of Lavender Floral water (OK)
Deodorant (OK)
Hair Removal - lotion type? don't want to mess with different voltages (!)
Feminine pads God I hope I don't get this during traveling and extra cranky (?)
acne popping toll (OK)
travel hair set should find some at TJ (!)


I really like this set but don't think it's available in U.S.
not that I would spend the money on LP skincare anyway.

More on this later


Sephora Minis

Sephora Travel Kit
the container store

p.s. Sephora FF2009 is coming up

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