Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chinese Wedding Part II

not in particularity any order, just writing things as I remember, because otherwise my head will full of readings, my mom's talking, pretty wedding gown pictures from LIBA @.@

5. Dad already purchased all the alcohol to be used at the reception. Haha that's very him. He said he wanted to book the more expensive meals at 899RMB per table. While in Shanghai the typical reception table costs 899RMB.

6. I was hoping to make some money through my wedding because guests give you cash and all. But as it turns out the typical red pocket money is alot less at my hometown, only 200 RM per guests, where Shanghai's market price is about 1000RMB. Sigh..200?? That is unbelievably low, I'm sure my dad gave out alot more when he go to weddings.

7. Accessories
Did purchase a pair of red shoes from Yoox, but it turns out really crappy, as in peeling paint on the heel crappy. It took me 2 weeks to negotiate a return with Yoox because it's final sales, and they didn't even offer free return when the error is on their side. Whatever, I don't care anymore just don't want to deal with that shop in the future.

I've also been debating whether or not to purchase a Jennifer Behr hairband as my crown. However spending couple of hundred dollars on a hair band seems excessive.

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