Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asian Drama Cont

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My Family has Six Sons アタシんちの男子

Jdrama about a young girl who married a toy tycoon one month before his death and had to take care of his six sons and bring them together as a family. I know it sounds so cheeky but the tone of the story is more like a RPG…the most fun one out of all the TV I’ve watched this weekend even though the storyline is messy.

Pink Boy 粉色男孩 オトメン(乙男)

Probably the best drama I’ve watched recently, based on a Manga “Pink Boy”. It’s about this boy who like girly stuff such as cooking, making dolls, etc but can’t be so since his mom asked him to be very manly when his dad decided to become a woman and left the family. So the boy is in high school now, honor student, captain of the Kendo team, and the most popular guy in school. He’s been suppressing his true personality until the fateful meeting of this tomboy transfer student.

The male lead is super cute ><, one of the Johnny’s boys I think. The female lead looks older than her character, and I wish she would have shorter and cuter haircut like in the Manga. But the story is super kawaii~ I love at the end of the 2nd episode the female lead’s manly police dad told her to “marry the boy, he will be a good wife” \^.^/

(p.s. the word “marry” in Chinese and in most other Asian cultures are actually two different words for man and woman. “Marry out” for woman since woman leaves her family and joins the husband’s family. “Marry in” when the husband takes his wife into his family.)

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