Friday, August 21, 2009

Routine August

Using up some samples and old stuff.

RHOT toner w/ Shiseido international counter’s makeup buff – I found makeup buff works better than hands with Japanese brand toners.

Estee Lauder ANR DNA (sample size)– can’t feel much difference between the new ANR and the old ANR but then again I never really feel anything from ANR anyway. I still got a super big bottle of the old stuff left.

or Shiseido White Lucent essence (I had this sample for a year now! Really need to use it up) – the texture is too heavy for me in summers, and I’ not that keen on whitening so just used on my sunspots.

Suqqu eye cream (sample size) – no lifting effects but moist my skin well, not too heavy and has no obvious smell.

NYR Comfrey Cream – my newest HG night cream, it’s slightly too heavy for summer especially after Shiseido White Lucent Essence. It feels matt and keep oily skin balances, do calm any pimples-at-work and generally even out skintone. Korres’ yogurt night cream has similar matt feeling with lighter texture, but I’ve only used a sample size so can’t tell if it also even out skin tone.

(Supposedly use HADA*KA deep boost toner first but I’m out)
HADA*KA aqua charge yoner – liquidity
HADA*KA deep moisturizer – liquidity basically HADA*KA skin regime is layers and layers of very light very

Sometimes ANR DNA – I skip essence in the morning when putting on too many layers

Suqqu eye cream – same as above

Clinque first defense day cream for dry skin (the SA gave me the wrong one, I wanted super defense -_-;) – too oily, Clinique, and most U.S. brands are not good at making SPF day creams, the SPF is too low and the texture too oily.

Special Care:
ROHT eye drop vitamin c – read it somewhere you are supposed to use it within one month, it’s practically impossible but since the eye drop gives a cool and tangy feeling I use it in the morning to wake up my eyes.

Mask: homemade VC mask mixed either with RHOTO toner or Kabashi’s rose floral water & Facemate

NRY rose mask – slightly pink, creamy but not oily

Korres rose mask (sample size) – white and fluffy

Body: Korres body lotion, Facemate & Medical Ultrasonic gel for getting rid of blood vessel and fatty scars.

My brother-in-law is visiting these days so I haven’t got a chance to take bath, but otherwise I use Japanese bath powder from Mitsuwa. I really love the white kind; your body is so soft after using as if you were bathing in milk.

Not my best routine, I prefer to use products from the same line; because there are company around these days I haven’t been using mask as often as I should; also been staying up late and drinking coffee, as you can see from my next post my undereye bag is showing!

Mac face primer SPF40 – my HG face primer
Mac Mixing Medium for eye – HG as well only available at pro stores now
Coffret D”or 09 Summer foundation with Everyday Mineral’s khababi brush
Mac Duo Accentual Sculpture
JS blush 02 Cherry something, just dig out Lunasol 08 xmax coffret EX blush
Coffret D’or gel liner in brown
Givenchy poetic brown
Jill Stuart eyelash curler
Max Factor 2000 calories

I’ll probably finish coffret d’or powder foundation by the end of the summer or early fall as planned, need to purchase another foundation for winter, maybe EX:BEAUTE?

Finally gave in the temptation and opened the coffret d’or eye gel so I am going to try to use it up and not hang it out to dry like my previous eye gels. 5555 opened lunasol’s liquid eye liner and that Mac Hello Kitty liner as well without using them more than twice. I would hate to waste those two beautiful colors.

Trying out different combination of the Givenchy Poetic Brown palette for swatch pic. And started using Shu’s eyelash curler today to prepare a comparison post on Shu/JS/Shiseido.
Really need to start buying MF mascaras as they go on sale since the WSJ said the brand is getting eliminated.

My goal is to control makeup spending purchase things that is the best value and most used. I want to use up all of my liners, mascaras and powders. Since one can never finish eye shadows and blushes I’ll try to be more selective and pick products that are truly unique (meaning limited edition-_-;)

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