Friday, August 21, 2009


Thought I should write some disclaimers before posting anymore swatches.

Skin tone: cool undertone, MAC NC20, dark brown hair and eyes, Asian descendent.

Really really oily eyelids and somewhat oily skin, eye primers are a must for me! Small and folded Asian crease. Bushy eyebrows.

Combo to oily skin a.k.a oily-but-dehydrated skin type. Large pores, some redness on cheek, couple of sunspots, acne and acne scars on the side of cheeks.

Skincare Concerns: acne scars and overall evenness of skin tone. Dragging of cheeks muscles due to aging and gravity. Sagginess of eye lids due to aging and near sidedness.

Do not like:
large glitters and fallouts for eye shadows, rarely like matt eye shadows, hate anything with frosty reflection may it be lipstick or nail polish. Warm toned eye palettes. Blushes that make me look like a farm girl (i.e. Nars Orgasm). Any makeup product without lasting power (most of the drugstore brand products).

heavy and oily-feeling cream, Retinol-A, silicone in skincare. Sticky toners in summer, over-priced skin-care products, and essential oils,

pre-made eye palettes! Especially Japanese ones they’re so convenient!
Beautiful sheen. Purple and neutral/pink combo.
lipstick/glosses without large glitter, just pure color
opaque nail polishes, Japanese nail polishes with glitters of different color and size
Jill Stuart blushes – I’m a big sucker for 4in1 blushes

Personal limitations (lack of technique preventing me from liking or using certain products):
dark eye shadows with beautiful glitters -> I could never get those colors show up!
don’t know how to use fake eyelashes
can’t handle liquid eyeliners with Chinese calligraphy brush heads
not very good with liners in general
mac mixing medium as primer is kind of like a glue, once you put color on, it’s on there, so my coloring are often badly blended, but at least it makes those shadow show up.
not good at describing stuff, in Chinese or in English, but I promise to practice.

Fair Use etc
All the words and pictures on the websites are my own unless otherwise stated. Please do not repost my photos anywhere else, just quote my blog link if you want to use it. Please don’t use my photos or words for any commercial use.

Most of the DM pictures are going to be from the official websites etc, the Japanese brands websites have a tendency to remove any old wallpaper, pic, etc so I save them here. It’s not for commercial use blah blah blah. I usually quote links from other blogs.

Do I make $$? Off of this
Not affiliated with any beauty product selling websites. Just have these ads on the side and the bottom of my blog, so far I’ve earned a whopping internet income of 50 cents from 5 ad clicks.

Cultural/Personal rants
Sometimes I’ll make some not so politically correct rants, don’t take them too personally, I’m a girl, and short tempered one, it’s just a heat of moment kind of thing, I’ll practically forget about it next morning.

Connection to Huaren
Currently the makeup board and the gaming moderator at - the best forum for Chinese living in U.S. It’s the first Chinese language forum I got into and I absolute love that place and the girls in it. But the down side is I spend so much time on it that my English got really sucky these years.

I suppose as the board moderator my first and foremost responsibility is to write things on Huaren first. It is only for drafting purpose when I do write things here first, I found that my posts are much better constructed the 2nd or the 3rd time writing them. And a lot of times I have these bits and pieces of thoughts that’s not well organized and not worth posting on huaren, so I write them down here. Besides keeping a English blog will help me practice.

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