Friday, July 31, 2009

Fat Princess

I was first interested in the game because of its storyline. A group of 30 some ppl playing against each other to save their princess!!! but wait~~ the enemy is feeding sweet vanilla frosting cakes to our princess and making her...wait for it...chubby! The larger she gets the more difficult it is to move her. 5555555555555 -_-b

The game is really fun and addictive, i was afraid i wouldn't be very good at it at first, but it's not too bad, of course i've only been practicing on easy and medium levels. So far my favorite class is the upgraded worker, i can build and pick up stuff and throw bombs at the same time.

the story is really cute, there's a story mode to tell the tale of the fat princess from the discovery of cakes popping out of forests to the happy ending. there are couple of glitches and it's super hard to get into an online game, and i would like some co-op options as well, hopefully they can improve the game by releasing patches

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