Sunday, May 15, 2011

Homework on HK and Taipei DFS shop at airport (to be cont..)

Wow, blogger sucks! I started this post in blogger but it kept doing weird stuff.

Anyway there are information out there on HK Airport so I’ll start here.

HK Airport DFS Shop

Official website en Englais

There’s tons of luxury brand stores that a simply midwest girl like me have NEVER set foot in. Hermes~Chanel~ *star eye* *Star eye*, but I can’t afford it so never mind. Maybe I’ll go vor Agnes.B. I wish they have Samantha Thavasa though. Or I think they have Loewe too.
Brand worth checking out: Giorgio Armani/Helena Rubinstein/La Mer/Shiseido/La Prairie/Sisley. Other brands are typical of U.S. and easily to get discount on. Although with the exception of HR, other brands participate in department store beauty & cash back events.
Maybe also pick up a bottle of Wu Jiang Ye for relatives. (wine & tobacco shop)

Taipei Airport DFS Shop

I’m thinking SKII
Terminal T2 Gate C5 has ebooks (free or not)

Which one’s cheaper?

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