Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think I posted some of these picture already.


Clinique total turnaround mask – shimmery cream meant to exfoliate, effect not obvious.

Caudalie vinoperfect radiance serum – it smells like those wild berry that used to grow around my neighborhood back in China. very light, leaves a slighting greasy feeling, but I love it because of the smell.

Shiseido white lucent brightening protective emulsion spf15 – very liquidy lotion, it’s slightly greasy for me in the summer and minimum effect. but I started using it with cotton pad, led to dramatic increase in effect. still has a normal size bottle to finish

Neutrogena anti acne set – day cream. this whole set from Neutrogena used to be my hubby’s favorite. Cleaned and whiten his face super dramatically for two periods (3mo each x 2), then lost its effect with our 3rd set of purchase. Overall I would recommend this, it’s about $20 from walgreen and there are usually sales on this particular brand. Comes with facial wash, drying spot treatment lotion and this day time lotion.

Schwarzkopf professional – volume gel; Schwarzkopf brand hair styling product was popular due to advertisement on Taiwan skincare/makeup show “Women’s Best”. I got this from TJ Maxx for $10 and it is the best, best voluminizing gel ever! A lot of volumizing gel leave your hair stif and greasy, but not this one. I tend to use it on towel dry hair at night, and wait for its magic in the morning.


NYR frankincense hydrating cream – NYR is my favorite brand and needless to say except for eye cream I’ve loved everything I purchased from them.

NYR lavender sun screen spf 23 – become super white on one’s face, take a long time to dry. maybe o.k. to use for those who don’t wear makeup, but doesn’t fit my need. expiration time is only three month.

Lypsy lip – it’s got a bee shape design, supposedly natural or organic, cannot remember which. average product.

MAC Prep and Prime face primer SPF 50 – absolutely five star face primer $30 for 30ml, made in Japan SPF 50. This is very difficult to find high SPF facial cream/primer in U.S. and this one fits my needs perfectly. It has a soufflé texture, goes on very light, not greasy at all and the lasting powder is amazing. Goes perfectly with my lunasol powder foundation in the summer. ( I cannot tell you how many product say they are not greasy but in fact too greasy for oily skin).

Kose junkisui refreshing lotion – Kose brand of toner that’s meant for acne skin. the sample was too small so I cannot tell if there’s any effect but feels pretty nice on my face, no irritation or anything.?????


NYR rose hydrating eye cream – all of NYR eye cream sucks, I love NYR but it’s the truth. This one, the rose formula, feels a bit dry like all NYR cream. I love the matt feeling of NYR but not on my eyes, even if I have dry skin. Worth of all, it contains some sort of irritant that I cannot even handle. I would not purchase this product again.

Kanebo Allie SPF 50+ brightening version – I took this to Jamaica, didn’t think it was that great, the lasting power isn’t enough for beach use (even not in water). Will try Shiseido brand next.

Sally’s beauty super crappy vthermal protecting styling spray – it’s so crappy that I don’t even want to talk about it.


Kiehls rosa artica cream sample - It feels like NYR cream in every way, the smell, the texture, the matt finish; but it doesn’t have that super white and clean feeling in the morning, plus the price tag.

NYR orange flower facial oil Haven’t finish this bottle yet. I have used Decleor facial oil before, NYR’s is more liquid and I typically mix with floral toner or with japanese marque lotion.  It works really well as a tool to balance hydration and oil. I don’t know how to describe it, because it’s not providing moisturizing property but hydrate my skin well and lasting when used with other and lotion.  Not only I’ve achieved the perfect balance of water and oil with this product, I’ve also achieved smaller pore and brighten skin. Although I did take off one start due to the size of bottle, you are suppose to use it up in 3 month and I don’t see how that can happen even with my huge face! I would suggest NYR to cut the size in half and lower the price.


Lancome genifique eye cream - liquidy, very basic moisturizing product, high price tag. I liked my absolute eye cream sample much much better.

Urban Decay eye primer - no need to explain. I think it’s only average because of the packaging size, the dry texture and the difficulty to blend.

Lunasol geminate liner 08 xmas limited edtion really lovely color, the brush head is a piece of flexible sturdy plastic that can achieve the thinnest line, took one star off for price.


MAC shadestick - incredible difficult to blend

Mac eye pencil - good color, no lasting power

mascara sample (lancome or EL?) - the only brand of mascara I like is max factor. should try Dior snow next time.

Makeup For Ever super matt loose powder - it has no staying power whatsoever, it cannot hold foundation, it’s not even matt!


Coffret D’or eyeliner in shimmery brown the most perfect eyeliner ever! much better than Bobbi Brown or Mac or Physician’s formula.  The brown is dark enough, shimmery enough, amazing lasting power. The only complain I have is it’s really sticky, but that’s how it stays on your eyelids.

lunasol eyeliner already talked about this

ELF liquid eyeliner in purple and black - the tip is a soft spongy head, it’s a bit too liquid when you first open it, I would suggest wait for couple of minutes before applying. The staying power is pretty good but it’s easily smeared the first couple min when you first put it on.


Burt’s Bees hand cream - weird smell, hard as wax, greasy. I don’t know why Burt’s Bees’s so popular.

NYR rose formula facial mask provides brightening effect, clay texture, does work but not the best.

Target brand scar fading gel - this is from too long ago.


John Frieda heat protective styling spray - provide effective heat protection, keep my hair straight and light.

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