Wednesday, November 24, 2010

koh gen do 江原道 foundation

Koh gen do is a Japanese brand famous for its foundation and soap. Yup, soap.
Its foundation is ranked #3 on Japanese Beauty Ranking Charter (called Cosme  use Chrome or Google translate to read)

 Right now the u.s. website has foundation and skincare on sale 20% through Thanksgiving.
 Otherwise it's available at Barney's.,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Koh%20Gen%20Do

This is swatch of their old foundation set, three colors + loose powder. The author is saying very light, easy to apply, cheer coverage.  Which is the same comments as the ones in Cosme website so I decided to pass. But good feedback on loose powder is good: translucent, matt finish, no cakey result,  even the puff is amazing.

This is the skincare set, has really good packaging. The author spend most of her words on the soap, which is super amazing! Lots of rich foam with sucking power. Her face has never been cleaner, even nose strips don't work as well.

Both skincare and foundation sets are available to purchase at their U.S. website, great prices too. I like their website very much, lots of color, easy to read instruction, menu, list of ingredients.

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