Monday, March 22, 2010

Yay Finally some photo - current routine


Asience hair product line – this is the white collection supposedly for dry and damage hair. I’ve been using it for a while now and absolutely love it. I actually have oily hair but long period of drying my hair with dryer and hair dye use has left my hair feeling “dry” at the ends. 

So I jumped at the opportunity to purchase this brand when I saw this pkg at Mitsuwa for $25. The foam from the shampoo is really rich, and the overall smell of the product is feminine without overpowering. It left my hair silky smooth, and not too limpy on the top.  And that dry feeling of my ends? It is gone!



Estee Lauder Nutritious collection – supposedly formulated for Asian skins.


The set contains a toner, a facial wash and a night cream


Toner – sticky….and that’s basically it


The cream is oily yet not hydrating enough, and it doesn’t get absorbed by my skin. So I am sending the kit to my aunt, NYR works better with my skin type.


Empties – Hada Ka toner and moisturizer in #1 (smooth aka for the oily skin) I really like this brand, it’s very gentle, everything’s really water based, but not like regular toners that just evaporate from your face. The toner/moisturizers are a bit gel like but unlike gel it is also watery. With this regime, I basically put on layers and layers of water that would stay on my face.


Empties  - NYR Comfrey for oily acne prone skin, and Frankincense for hydrating and anti-aging.




There are my stash – yup I love NYR. Comfrey and Frankincense I already used and love. Almond is a day cream with some sunscreen property, Vitamin E and Avacado night cream for moisturizing. <- haven’t used these two yet.


This is basically my current routine:

Fancl or SANA makeup oil remover

Hada ka toner and moisturizer

NYR rose eye cream

Frankincense on most of my face, and Comfrey on the edges and acne area.


makeup routine:

Mac primer – as always

Dr.Jart+ BB cream – dont really like it I dont think I’ll try BB cream in the future

MQ 2009 winter powder foudnation in OC-O too light for me


My brushes in Anna Sui makeup cup



The new bathroom doesn’t have a cabinet or drawer so I had to buy a little plastic drawer.

Mac eye primer

Coffert D’or eye liner cream

MQ foundation

Everyday Mineral’s kabuki (sp?) brush

a wooden comb from China


Bottom drawer – eye shadows

more detailed pic in next post


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