Saturday, January 23, 2010

Empties Jan 2010


in anticipation of moving, I’ve been finishing my stock much quickly than expected

ANR super size bottle the old version – i am ready to try the new version

ANR for eye – don’t feel anything, better use with other more cream based eye cream

NYR Comfrey cream – my favorite! for oily and acne prone skin


pic to show they' are truly empty



Clinique Repairwear (now called you surge i believe) day cream – soso, cheap, large volume, not very light given the SPF was only 15

and another bottle of NYR



yes I’ve finished two bottles of NRY Comfrey cream within 6 month, I literately eat them!




this is one of those Walgreen European brand that never took off. not sure if it is Russian or Swedish on there. and I paid the full price for this!! 



Pantene hair treatment – I was always prejudiced against Pantene products, but this really changed my view. My hair is super silky after using, and it is cheap.

new version of ANR – I prefer this new version than the old, not sure why, it’s slightly more sticky but less likely to rub off when layering with other products

ROTHO Vitamin 40a Eyedrop ( Japanese Eyedrop)

ROTHO makes couple of versions for the US market as well but they don’t work as well as the Japanese ones. The U.S. ones are much gentler, but I like my eyedrops so cold that they feel like burning. lol.

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