Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Non Makeup Related Random Thoughts: travel

I’ve been traveling for leisure lately, and while it was fun to experience different hotels of different star rating through Priceline’s very awesome bidding system, I’ve realized how “otaku” I am through the very last trip. It was fun to stay at hotels for a night or so then drive home the next day.

But it got to me when I stayed for >2 nights: I hated the blankets, they’re not as soft and puffy as the ones at home; I hated the A/C it was on all the night and just sucked the humidity out of air; I hated the lack of availability of drinking water right out of tap; I missed my sofa, my rats, snacks out of my cabinets… But there was cable TV and I watched so much CSI, ATT and A&E play CSI nonstop. And the breakfast buffets were very yummy. And at the end of trip I finally figured out which hotel I liked better or not.

Still I am a control freak when it comes to my travel, everything has to be right or I’ll be annoyed. Not looking forward to the travel hassles of my China trip that’s coming up soon, can’t imagine how comfortable I’ll feel to taking air plane rides for >24hr, not having all of my skincare and mist sprays available, living at strange places with low humidity level and no humidifier, no readily available hot water for winter, having all these clothing restriction from my mom like I’m in middle school again. The only thing I look forward to is eating, lot of eating, lots of yummy Chinese food.

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