Monday, September 14, 2009


Just a few lines on my personal life....

I have been so tired these day, tried to get up half of hour early in the morning to run but couldn't, even my super chilling eye drops don't wake me up anymore. Wanted to run after work but have to cook, clean, prepare stuff.

Been slacking off again, haven't done what I was suppose to do and literally throwing money in the water because my laziness.

Did lots of shopping these two days though, I haven't shop like this in a while!

Got some V&W red shoes on sale; absolutely gorgeous color I hope the head isn't too small

got my very first Dior palette in Night Butterfly (although having buyer's remorse because I just know it will take effort to make it look as good as Chic's swatches, and I am way too lazy and supposedly too busy to put any effort in it); click for Betsy's Review.

Got some cute dresses from the Anna Sui for Target collection, 2 sizes of the same dress, and the silk jumper. The silk jumper is sort of over-priced so I might not keep it, even if it's super cute ><

Lastly an Sasa order! It's been two years or maybe three since I ordered from them. The website has been doing great updating its inventory and brands, if only indexing is better. Anyway I got my usual share of Lifecella masks, and decided to brand out and try something new: Beatymate masks for less than $1 per piece, Catena 8-cups hydrating masks because I thought the name sounds interesting. Dr.Jart+ BB Cream in both the black tube (Premium have some anti-aging stuff for mature skin) and the blue tube (hydrating with Hyaluronic acid)

So finally gave in to the BB cream craze, partly because my Coffret D'or powder is down to the bottom, which lead to me needing some new foundation and especially for winter, which lead me to adambeauty...then realized the EX:BEAUTE foundation I 've eying for a while is $10 more than I remembered (did they raise prices?), and the Lunasol Skin Fusion Powder that I love so much is out of stock! Luckily there were a 20% Armani sale today, but all the light colorings are out-of-stock and free shipping is $50 after discount. Couldn't handle anymore disappointment I went to BGO and Sasa and made my purchase at Sasa.

I tried to do some research on BB cream on huaren and on blogbus but there are just so many different kinds. So I decided to screw this and find whatever's available and in-stock on Sasa and picked the ones with the most interesting description.

So it is a gamble....

I do hope the Sasa package is not going to take 3 weeks to get here. And I hope BB creams live up to their hype...usually making purchase before extensive research lead to bad results.

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