Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Dryness

So Autumn is coming, the weather is still fair, lots of suns but more windy. I've been feeling the effects of season changes: really dry throats and nose in the morning even though the humidity is at 60%. According to huaren this is because the change of season leads to a symptom called "Autumn Dryness".

I did some googling or rather baiduing and got the following information: Autumn Dryness is a collection of symptoms that we feel during fall because of the dryness. The sickness comes in through nose and mouse, you will feel dryness in the nose & mouse, dry coughs but no mucus, dry skin. There are two different types of AD: warm dryness and cold dryness.

Cold dryness: headache, burning body temperature, cold but no sweats (?), stuffy nose, and other symptoms that reassemble a cold. But also symptom of dryness such as dry lips, continuous dry cough, stuffiness in the chest, pain on the sides, dry skin to the point of pain, white tongue.

Warm dryness: headache, burning body temperature, dry cough without mucus, sore throat, dry lips and nose, restlessness and dehydrated, white tongue with redness on the corners.

I can't really understand the terms they are using the describe the symptom but it looks like that's what I have. There are a number of different mixture of Chinese medicine you can take but since I don't have any I'll have to improvise and use the easier methods

Drink water mixed with honey at night and drink water mixed with salt in the morning.

Don't eat alot of spicy food, ginger.

Autumn is the season you'll most likely to gain weight so be careful.

eat lots of fruits, garlic and ionion, and seaweed.

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