Saturday, August 15, 2009

Suqqu 2009 Marotsuya

Suqqu on the other hand has a super awesome website for their fall collection. The theme is to create shadow and light on your face, inspired by bronze statue. Thus the coloring of the eyeshadow are very neutral, and there's even a face framing type of product include.

But you gotta checkout their website, it is amazing, there are flash videos of makeup direction, the usual wallpaper and screensavers to download (i wish they keep their old ones on websites tho!), and even a little movie clip to watch.

Would I buy this collection? Probably not, i am scared of super neutral and brown/beige colors, i mean the idea of lights and shadow to create a sculpted look is great but I wouldn't spend 90 bucks on a shadow palette for that, I think I'll try to find some similar colors and see if i could recreate the look myself

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