Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS3 Price Drop

as anticipated for many month now, there's a slim ps3 out with 120 gig harddrive and all the same feature as the old one, except probably not as pretty, for $299

and the old and bulk ps3 will be $299 as well.

as someone who purchased a ps3 a week ago, my heart is bleeding....

this guy said the best:

Posted by lordirongut
1000 fanboys from both sides just commited suicide. To the PS3 fanboys, Sony has 'tainted' their beloved machine, From the Xbox side, they are sh1tting themselves because they know the PS3 will begin to sell better, and they can no longer use price as an argument since it is the same price as the 360 elite.

I don't care either way, although it's good news because people will finally SHUT UP ABOUT IT! lol

so now ps3 is cheaper than xbox elite, but it is expected that Microsoft will announce a price drop tomorrow. so i think we can start using our xbox 360 again, we still got the 1st generation one, i think most of those are already died out consideering the 50% failure rate of xbox. ours didn't die because we don't use it much, i mean my hubby don't even have the gold live account!

of course this is the expected for early adopters, it's not like we can wait till September to buy another ps3. and we did get some games with the bundle.

still...i could use that $100 for some lunasol or EST haul

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