Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kanebo Color Compairson Blue Range

first of all lunasol 中英文对比+史上最强大的lunasol collection
(the most complete lunasol swatch in the history)

蓝色系的:蓝珊瑚,咖啡豆sa04, EST emotion eye 08 and 04

(blue range: blue coral, coffret d'or SA04, EST Emotion Eye 08 and 04)

蓝绿色系的:EX蓝绿珊瑚咖啡豆Cm02, 咖啡豆3D 02

(blue-green range: EX blue green coral, coffret d'or CM02, Coffret d'or 3D 02)


(compairson between blue coral and blue green coral)

Coffret D'or's CM Eye 02 looks so similar to the Blue Green Coral~


coffret d'or的那几盘班上贴过挺多次的,bellr mm的帖子

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