Saturday, June 20, 2009

homework La Mente

i've been doing some serious homework on this:

so basically the most famous one is la mente, which you can purchase from japan webstores for 200 some dollars, it's retailed for $399 in official store. or you can purchase a set for $500 from the official t.w. store but no warranty for international buyers. you can however, ship the set to a taiwan location to obtain the one year warranty.

some links/info on lamente ***********
purchase from tw
from japan

other choices: runve 导入niu er apparently advertised it on the Queen show, it's available through easypay;

then i came across of this name: Facemate, readily available through US amazon or Ebay of the same seller. i have no doubt the seller is very legit, it is the authorized seller and offers warranty. There's alot of information on this through EDS forum, i'm still reading them through.
couple of things to know regarding this brand, it is TAIWAN made, it has no infrared function-> apparently the red light function is very expensive and that's what separate la mente from the rest of its peers. But Facemate does have ultrasonic waves with 2 settings (1MHz and 3 MHz), and 2 heads (the round metal part) for both face and body. I wanna use ultrasonic waves to melt away my fat~~~~图片点击可在新窗口打开查看 and ultrasonic gel are plenty available and super cheap on Amazon. Another thing about Facemate is the instruction manual is very vague, so i would recommending reading through EDS forum before purchase. But the setting seems very similar to La Mente, so i think i would have no issue figuring out what "median" to use with which function.

then another name poped up, Fyola. it's almost 400 bucks, korean made, has very different setting than Facemate or La Mente. here's the compairson i found (read the review part).

So here's all the homework i've done up to this point, i am seriously interested in purchasing Facemate because of its price point, availability, warranty and support. With Fyola, seriously, if i'm going to spend 400 bucks on a beauty machine, i would buy the japanese one. La mente is nice but i don't feel comfortable purchasing an expensive high-tech machine without warranty or readable intructions...well, mostly because it's too expensive.

if you are interested in high-tech beauty machines, i would recommend reading through EDS forums. The girls on that forums are unbelievably well-trained in all kinds of beauty machines.

these are just my humble opinion, i haven't finish researching and haven't made a purchase yet.

La mente is definitely the most high-tech and sophisticated machines out of all three, with the most functions, the ability to use ALL functions at the same time, and at 5Mhz wavelength is probably the safest.

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