Wednesday, May 27, 2009


makeup mistakes:

Cleopatra eyeliners

too much highlights in inner eye corner

lashes and eyeliners fill in the gap

heavy foundation

heavy blush

finish reviewing on

hada ka - take a pic of each bottle - how much left, label pic, texture pic, update on initial thoughts

nyr comfrey cream

coffret d'or 09 summer foundation

swatches pic

lunasol ex01 white graduation

est 03 (vs kate br-2)

lunasol 02 white graduation (vs mj?)

coffret d'or TD03 (vs.......)

jemma kidd limited ed 16 pallet (vs UD palette)

prettia royal chocolate coloring

possible future EOTD

“山寨" all lunasol 09 summer collection?

japanese makeup - pointers minimize nose and lips (nude light pink) , flawless skin, maximize eyes, perfect eyeliners, very little colors.

copy some of jeban's work?

effects of different eyeliners


coffret d'or TD full site

est 07 and 08

suqqu 09, 10

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