Sunday, February 22, 2009

my links

yay~ just finished updating all the links, i'm new at this so haven't figured out how to set up RSS feeds yet, so right now all the links are at bottom. a lot of what i read are going to be in chinese, 2 are in japanese, and 2 are in thai. if you want to know what one post says, leave me a msg and i'll try to translate it for you.

basically i am very picky about the makeup blogs i read, they have to have nice clean setups, clean backgrounds; i hate music players, which is not a prob with western blogs but the taiwaness blogs love to setup music, what the heck is the point? none of the posts are long enough to last a song anyway, and it makes loading slow and might freak your readers out at night. the blogs i've listed below are all highly recommended, they either have the latest info on makeup releases, buy a lot of the latest makeup collections, have detail reviews, pic, fotd or eotd, or just have very good writing skills.

anyway enjoy

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